BIBA Journalist of the Year Awards 2016

1st February 2016

BIBA invites you to enter its prestigious annual Journalist of the Year Awards 2016.

Open to journalists who have written or broadcast on general insurance subjects in the last year, the awards aim to recognise the important contribution that journalists make in promoting a better understanding and awareness of general insurance issues.

The awards

National, regional and trade journalists are eligible to enter 10 categories, each one carrying a prize of £800 for the winner. One highly commended entry in each category will also receive £250.

In order to help the judges understand the background of the article entered, journalists are required to submit a supporting statement of up to 150 words explaining why their article deserves to win. This will help to ensure that all factors are taken into consideration during the judging process.
The individual categories are:

• Trade News Award: open to trade journalists who have written technical news articles in the trade press.

• Trade Feature Award: open to trade journalists who have written an insurance feature article for trade publications.

• Best Consumer Award: open to national journalists who have written the most helpful general insurance article, providing advice and guidance to consumers.

• Best Personal Finance Journalist Award: open for the best all round personal finance article for its investigation, research and overall explanation of a general insurance subject.

• Regional Award: open to regional journalists who produce articles about regional insurance issues. The articles may be consumer or business focused.

• Gary Hyndman Most Promising Newcomer Award: open to all journalists who are just starting out covering insurance related issues. The Award is named in the memory of the late Gary Hyndman, who sadly passed away in March 2006. Entries are open to those who started writing on insurance issues during the last year.

• Scoop of the Year Award: open to all journalists who were responsible for breaking an important insurance news story during the last year.

• Best Interview / Profile Award: open to all journalists who have developed the best researched, most informative and most engaging interview with an individual or profile of an organisation within the insurance industry.

• Online Award: open to all entrants who have successfully embraced online or social media technology or distributed content online or via social channels to further the understanding of general insurance issues. This category is open to traditional and non-traditional journalists and media outlets.

• Broadcast Award: open to all journalists who have used the medium of television or radio to further the understanding of insurance to their audience.
Criteria and submissions

The judges will look for entries which raise awareness of general insurance subjects and help the audience to gain a greater insight into general insurance issues. Originality, style, and quality of research and investigation will also be assessed.
• All entries (except the Regional Award and Gary Hyndman Most Promising Newcomer Award) require one general insurance article and a supporting statement to be provided. Any other supporting materials sent alongside the entries will be discounted.

• The Gary Hyndman Most Promising Newcomer Award requires two examples of work and must be accompanied by a supportive statement from the Editor (max 150 words).

• The Regional Award requires two articles and supporting statements.
Print, broadcast and online pieces produced between 1 February 2015 and 1 February 2016 are eligible for submission.

The deadline for submissions is Monday 22 February 2016.

Only emailed submissions will be accepted. Please click here for entry form and email it, along with your entries, to Becky Pledge at
Previous winners

Previous BIBA Journalist of the Year Award winners include: Callum Brodie, Post Magazine, Anthony Hilton, Evening Standard, Sam Barker, Insurance Times; Bob Howard, BBC Radio Moneybox; Josephine Cumbo, Financial Times; Dan Moore, Which?; Ellen Bennett, Insurance Times; Stephen Womack, Mail on Sunday; Jonathan Swift, Post Magazine; James Daley, The Independent and Yvette Essen, Daily Telegraph.

I do hope you will take the opportunity of entering for these awards and you will be able to join us at the awards ceremony to be held at lunch time on Wednesday 6 July 2016 in central London.

We look forward to receiving you entries.