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Under statutory regulation, firms have to be able to demonstrate that an individual is competent – and remains so – to undertake a specific job to meet the FCA training and competence regulations – a vital aspect of modern regulation.

You must therefore decide how to establish, assess and record competence as well as keep up-to-date with the latest information. Failure to do so will effectively increase business risk.

To address these issues, BIBA and the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) have pooled expertise and resources to create an industry solution for a training and competency program for the broker market. We have developed a comprehensive, co-ordinated range of online learning and assessment tools, specifically designed for the general insurance broking profession: broker ASSESS.

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Regulatory Compliance

broker ASSESS is designed to help brokers with the Training and Competence (T&C) requirements for FCA regulation.

Through broker specific assessments, the tool provides an objective measure of employees’ knowledge and understanding. It identifies gaps for learning purposes so that compliance with T&C requirements can be continuously reviewed and maintained. The system also provides a robust management information system for record keeping purposes.

How broker ASSESS fits into your compliance plans

Why use an online system

By taking advantage of an on-line system, a firm can have all output from assessment and maintaining competence activity monitored and kept up to date without manual intervention. Using an asp solution means that access to the resource is available from anywhere and frees up space on the firms own server or network. The system can easily be kept up to date and new material can be added without the intervention of the firm.

Individuals can access the system remotely as well as at work and the responsibility for system administration and content management is owned by the provider. This frees the firm to concentrate on using the available resources to maximum effectiveness, without worrying about how to source appropriate training or testing material.

Holding all the output of tests and on-going development within a secure database facilitates easier interrogation of the output. Rather than collating the output of different systems, or the frustration of realising that a useful analysis of the activity cannot be achieved due to a gap in the system, broker ASSESS holds all the evidence, waiting for the administrator to decide how they wish to interrogate the system.

A wide range of standard reports are available, designed in response to the users feedback, so that cross team CPD, consolidated assessment scores by competency area and targeted usage data are all already available. These reports have been designed to address the current and future needs of regulatory compliance, but rather than individual users funding the development, they are provided to all users at no extra cost.

Why keep records?

Regulators need evidence. The manner of recording and retaining evidence is the responsibility of the firm. If you can’t prove it happened, it didn’t. This is where an online system where areas of compliance weakness can be identified and appropriate remedial action put into place immediately is an essential part of your T&C solution.

System Updates

Great news, broker ASSESS has been upgraded, bringing you a host of new features and benefits and delivering a range of improvements around the system.

New design, new features:

We’ve been busy working on a range of enhancements to your system that improve functionality as well as updating the look and feel . These include:

•  The site has been rebranded to give it a more modern feel.

•  There are over 300 courses, most of them new, which will replace existing learning.

•  There are more than 4,000 questions, most new, and all relating to a specific course, which will replace existing questions. The questions relating to the regulatory modules remain unchanged.

•  We have created 7 new catalogues to house all the courses.

•  All our courses can now be read on mobiles and tablets.

•  New automated programme builder that allows you to build programmes in less than a minute.

•  New diagnostic tool that identifies gaps in knowledge and allocates the relevant course.

You can view a short walkthrough of the changes and what the new broker ASSESS system looks like by clicking here.


Licences are granted on an annual basis. The current RRP for BIBA members is £135.00 plus VAT for each licensed member of staff. Non-BIBA members will have to pay an extra administration fee per staff.

Corporate discounts apply on a sliding scale please contact Kirsty Wingrove at BIBA for further details.

Staff who should be included in your nominated number are those engaged in the selling and administration of general insurance.

However, we strongly recommend that you consider other formal arrangements for these staff (on subjects such as the Proceeds of Crime Act money laundering, data protection etc) to enable you to demonstrate their competence if they are excluded from the nomination.

As broker ASSESS is purchased on an annual license basis, you can set up and administer as many tests as you wish. We particularly recommend that you use the system to run regular refresher tests, as existing users tell us that this is the approach preferred by individuals

How many staff can use the system at once?

The technology delivering broker ASSESS is able to cope with many users at once. There is no internal limit to the number of users within the system at one time.

Any registered broker ASSESS user can log on using their own login id and password. They do not need to be at an office computer to use the system and their records will include all interactions with the system, wherever they accessed the system from.

All questions and learning materials are part of the regular quality reviews of the system. New questions and learning materials are added throughout the year.

Unlike some systems, broker ASSESS automatically records the results of every assessment taken within the system. The system provides you with evidence of your assessment history and the reports have been designed to simplify your monitoring plans. You can even run reports across teams to show organisational levels of expertise, as you build your risk management approach.


broker-assess-endorsments-imgReviewed and regularly updated, broker ASSESS is the most comprehensive training and competency system of its kind.

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14 day trial request

We are offering a free 14 day trial on broker ASSESS for firms to see first hand what the system has to offer. If you would like to take us up on our offer please complete the trial request form and return to Diane Smyllie

We will endeavor to enrol you for a free trial within 24 hours of your request. When you will receive an email with details of your user id and password details you will be able to access the site for evaluation purposes

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How to buy

To purchase Broker ASSESS please complete our Broker ASSESS sales order form.

Please allow 5 working days for your order to be processed. You will receive an email with your new log in details for the live system confirming that your licence has been set up.

Information collated will be retained only by BIBA and their broker ASSESS partners and will not be for any other purposes.

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For further information please contact:

Kirsty Wingrove – Head of Membership
Tel: 020 7397 0224