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BIBA brokers offer a range of competitive insurance policies for consumers – from motor, household and travel, to commercial, They are widely available, and you can buy some of them exclusively from a BIBA broker. With some 1,700 registered BIBA broking firms in the UK, there is a wide choice. Test

When you do buy you can be assured of independent, impartial and professional advice. And in the event that you have to make a claim, the broker will be there – on your side – to help. Just look for the lion logo and Member of British Insurance Brokers’ Association.

To help you navigate the maze of insurance issues, BIBA’s technical experts have put together a simple step by step guide for consumers who are looking to buy motor, home and travel insurance. Checklists and tips are included in these guides but if you do need any further insurance advice your local BIBA broker will be able to provide this to you.

And to help you make sense of the sometimes complicated language and terms that insurance companies seem so fond of, we’ve included a useful Jargon Buster section.


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BIBA’s technical experts have provided some guidance to help you navigate the maze of insurance issues.

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How brokers Help

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Flood Insurance Guides

BIBA has put together the following flood insurance guides that will help those that find it difficult to access flood insurance. They provide tips on how to reduce the impact of flooding and advise you on how to get specialist help.

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Motor Insurance Guides

BIBA has put together the following motor insurance guides that will help those that find it difficult to access motor insurance. They provide tips and advise you on how to get specialist help.’

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About BIBA Brokers

Ten Great reasons why you benefit from using a BIBA broker

BIBA Brokers:

  1. have access to a wide choice of products from the majority of insurance markets
  2. can give advice on suitable insurance protection
  3. can represent the client in claims settlements
  4. are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  5. can give risk management advice by identifying, measuring, managing and controlling risk and where appropriate can give advice on health and safety, fire prevention and premises security

  1. provide clear information and documents
  2. have their own professional indemnity insurance protection providing customer confidence
  3. clearly state the costs of the policy – including any fees they may charge
  4. give fair treatment to customers in the event of a complaint, with the additional assurance of the Financial Ombudsman Service
  5. eligible customers are protected by the Government-backed Financial Services Compensation Scheme