Flooding can be devastating to both homes and businesses, causing huge amounts of property damage along with the pain and frustration of dealing with the aftermath, which can take months to rectify. The Environment Agency has estimated that 2.4 million properties in England are currently at risk of river or coastal flooding, and there are an additional 3million properties at risk of surface water flooding; 600,000 of these are at risk of both.

Following the winter floods of 2013/14, insurers paid out more than £450million in flood claims. According to the Association of British Insurers, the floods in winter 2015/16 resulted in 20,000 claims including 5,000 from businesses which amount to £1.3 billion.

In our 2016 manifesto Neil Parish MP and Chairman of the EFRA Select Committee said: "The EFRA committee and BIBA are fully aligned over the need to maintain and increase the nation's flood defence budget along with the maintenance and drainage budget".

Flood Re is a joint industry and Government sponsored scheme that is planned to launch in April 2016, to help support households that have a significant risk of flooding and which are experiencing some degree of difficulty finding affordable flood cover. Flood Re is intended to improve the availability and affordability of flood insurance. It is expected that approximately 500,000 homes may benefit over time.

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BIBA's Position on Flood Insurance

BIBA appreciates the devastation that flooding can cause to homes and businesses. and is supporting the launch of Flood Re, which will ultimately help up to 350,000 homes at risk of flooding access affordable insurance protection.

Businesses, let-properties and newer homes are outside the scope of Flood Re and it is important that a solution is found to help these risks access flood cover.

It is also essential that the Government to invest  in strategic  flood defences across the UK at a level that is necessary to combat the effects of climate change.

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BIBA'S calls to action and commitments on flooding

Each year BIBA campaigns on a number of issues and commits to a series of actions - these calls for action and commitments can be found within our manifesto.

Find out more in the BIBA 2016 Manifesto

Obtaining Flood Insurance in High Risk Areas

BIBA has worked closely with DEFRA, the environment agency and other stakeholders to produce the guide ‘obtaining flood insurance in high risk areas’.

This guide aims to provide, in one place, information that will help those that find it difficult to access flood insurance cover to obtain a suitable policy.

It explains how to get specialist help and what information you may be asked to give, provides tips on how to reduce the impact of flooding and the last section of the guide provides useful information on key organisations– their responsibilities and contact details and relevant websites.

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MP Guide

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